Dancing with my friends at a tobymac concert in June

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

August is very busy for my family

Hi,my name is Hannah. My family is going to be going to camp on Saturday. It going to be a long week. My dad is the dean of a 3rd and 4th grade christian camp. We always have a lot of fun. Then at the end of the month we have are yearly vacation with or friends. We go to the UP and stay with our friends on the Saint Marie's river. We enjoy watching the freighters go by and being lazy. During the summer I enjoy reading, listening to my music, having sleepovers, playing softball and being lazy. I just turned 13 back in June. My summer is going by way to fast. At the beginning of summer I turned 13 and got my ears pierced!!! Then about a week after that I went to a tobymac concert with a few of my friends. We had a great time. Just last weekend my family went up north to go camping at my uncle's cabin. The whole side of my mom's family was there. We went swimming, played games and had rides on their golf cart. My dad took me and 2 of my cousins out on an EXTREME ride! We were covered in mud because it had just rained!!! But it was still fun. My summer is going by way to fast. My mom home school's me and my 2 younger brothers. I hope everybody enjoys the rest of their summer!!!!!!!!!!!

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